New week, new start, right?

It’s my birthday week! I feel like I get to decree that since the majority of my birthday week will be spent cleaning my house, finishing up the WIP, and other things that aren’t super birthday-y. Such is life as a thirty-something, I guess. (Because as of Wednesday, I am no longer just thirty, I am a thirty-something).

I reached a pretty cool milestone last week, receiving my very first ever advance check. It’s not hundreds of thousands, or actually, any kind of thousand, but it’s an advance nonetheless and that is pretty exciting.

I’m finishing up the second book in the Flight series this week (I hope). It’s not an easy book to write (heroine is a recovering alcoholic, and infertile), but hopefully my editor will like it enough to acquire it! Speaking of the Flight series, I also should be getting Flight Risk edits this week. So, it’s a Flight kind of end to April, and I am excited about that because I love this series, and really can’t wait to revisit Callie and Trevor (and probably share some excerpts and lines here and on Twitter and FB).

Once I finish the first draft of Flight book 2, I am not sure what project to work on next. I’m months ahead of both my editors, so, it’s one of those things where unless I get some news this week, I’m stuck trying to decide what’s the best option. I have PLENTY of ideas, it’s just trying to find the best one for the place I’m at in my career. (Oh, good news, you are more than welcome to come any minute now).

On Twitter this morning, Dear Author was asking what kind of tropes are an autobuy for you. Really interesting to see what people love. For me, it’s farmers. (Shouldn’t be a surprise). Give me a hero or heroine farmer, and I’m set. Off the top of my head, I can only think of three (contemporary) books where hero is a farmer. I’d love to see some heroine farmers (and from Twitter, I got two upcoming recs for heroine farmer books). But, if you can think of any contemporary farmer romances, rec them to me in the comments.

So, that’s where I’m at. Next week I’ll talk about some of the great books I’ve read in the past two months. Sadly, none of them had farmers.

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