Happy April!

It’s April! Yay! April is probably my favorite month. I love Spring, I got married in April, baseball starts!!!! (And if you are a baseball and romance fan and haven’t read SuperWendy’s Tigers/Harlequin mashups, you must!) Admittedly, this April I’m not my usual excited self. As much as I’m excited about baseball and warmer weather [...]

Time Flies

It can’t possibly be the second Monday in September. Surely it’s a leisurely July Saturday. Okay, it’s not. I know it’s not. This summer just flew by, busy, busy, busy. I’m a much bigger fan of fall–weather and slower social calendar. But, I’m also in the middle of my current WIP. Rarely a good place [...]

Olympic Commercials

Like many people, with the Olympics happening, we have our TV on a lot. Even when we’re not really paying attention, athletes are running, swimming, jumping, twisting, and vaulting about on our TV. The commercials are equally sporty. People running, jumping, sweating. Muscles hard at work. It makes me want to become a runner, or [...]