Flight Delay

Antiques in Flight Book 2

[Lawson Baker & Katie Potter]

(Originally published May 2014 with Samhain Publishing)

Going home might land him a second chance.

Lawson Baker had everything he ever wanted. Until his very famous wife had an affair with his best friend’s husband. And that same best friend sold every dirty, lurid secret she could to the tabloids in a bid to get revenge. Lawson decides the only way to be a good dad to his hurt boys is move back to his hometown, and put every ugly thing in the past.

Until the past comes walking right in to Antiques in Flight.

Katie Potter ruined everyone’s life. Not on purpose. But her little revenge scheme didn’t only hurt her ex-husband, it hurt people she cared about. She knows Lawson isn’t happy to see her, and he’s even less thrilled to be working with her, but she’s determined to try to make things right.

What neither of them count on is that anger isn’t only thing simmering between them. Now that neither of them are married to other people, the attraction they always shoved to the side is out in full force. Who knew delayed attraction could be sweet? Everything is great until it starts to turn into more, and Lawson has to choose between living in the past or moving forward to a future with Katie.

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