I’m so excited that Flight Risk is starting to pop up around the Internet! And that I can share that it is coming out August 27th! I’m working on final line edits this week, and hopefully in July preordering will be available.


For now, I exist on the Coming Soon page of the Samhain store. The cover artist did such an amazing job, I could just stare at that cover for hours.

AND Flight Risk is up on Goodreads if you want to add it to your to-read shelves. 🙂

I’ll be posting a lot about this book come August. My inspiration, how this book and (possible) series differs from my Entangled airport series, excerpts, etc.

If you’re interested in reviewing or hosting me for a stop on my blog tour, email me at NicoleTHelm@gmail.com. I don’t have eARCs yet, but should next month.

For now I’ll leave you with a little line from the book to give you an idea of what my hero and heroine are like:

“He was the kind of guy who’d offer someone else comfort after his own mother’s funeral. She was the type of woman who brought booze and bad news.”

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  1. Congratulations! I’m sure there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your name in print (I’m still working on it). I enjoy reviewing romance novels — although I’m a tad quirky. But I know how hard it can be to get out there. I’d be happy to take a read.

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