It’s April! Yay! April is probably my favorite month. I love Spring, I got married in April, baseball starts!!!! (And if you are a baseball and romance fan and haven’t read SuperWendy’s Tigers/Harlequin mashups, you must!)

Admittedly, this April I’m not my usual excited self. As much as I’m excited about baseball and warmer weather and things blooming, the pure onslaught that is supposed to be this month is totally freaking me out.

One thing I’m really excited for though is that I should be getting my edits on Flight Risk. I should also be getting the official contract on Harrington Books 2 & 3 and hopefully moving forward on 2. I’m also hoping to hear back on a few submissions this month, but in this business, you never know when that’s going to happen.

In the meantime, while I wait and wait and wait on publishing stuff, I’m working on what I hope will be book 2 in the Flight series. I love this series so much. It isn’t easy to write, because I’m definitely taking on characters who challenge me, but that’s probably why I love it.

So, happy April! And GO CARDS!

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