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Harlequin is having a HUGE sale to celebrate their ten years of e-books. 10,000 ebooks, on all of the big e-tailer platforms, 1.99 for a whole week!

I’m excited as an author who has books on sale AND as a reader who gets to load up my ereader with some of my favorite Harlequin authors!

What are

Three of my four available Superromances are on sale! Too Close to Resist, Too Friendly to Date, and All I Have. If you haven’t picked these up, now is a great time!

I’m also a big Harlequin reader. If you love the down-to-earth realism of Superromance there are TONS of Sarah Mayberry titles on sale and you literally cannot go wrong. Sarah’s books were the ones that turned me on to reading and writing Superromances.

Looking for something more high fantasy and super angsty? I have totally been sucked into the world of Presents by Maisey Yates and Caitlin Crews, who each have 20+ books on sale. Caitlin’s Protecting the Desert Heir and Maisey’s To Defy A Sheikh are FANTASTIC places to start.

The best part of the sale is that it’s across all lines which means there is absolutely a book for ANYone.

Happy clicking!

2 comments on “HUGE Harlequin Sale!”

  1. A little earlier sale a year later. And feel I have to comment. 😀

    I must say I have fallen in love with the angsty Farmer’s Market series. The blurb for the first book didn’t do it justice, in fact, I read that book last, because the injured PTSD hero & the ONS baby story caught my eye first.

    Tremendous series!

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