Hi there! Remember me?

I have some excuses for not posting since October (having something to do with two ER visits/hospital stays for my oldest, four trips to the doctor (my youngest made an appearance in that one), and wrangling antibiotics into both), but mainly I’ve been wondering what I really want to do with this space. I like to blog, but I hate to waste my time.


I know it’s a little early to start talking about resolutions, but as 2012 barrels to a close, I’m starting to think what I want this space to be in 2013. I don’t have an answer yet, but it’s going onto my list of 2013 goals.

Figure out what to do on the blog.

I’ve got some posts scheduled for the rest of December (including an update on some exciting writing news to share hopefully later this week). I’ll be here. And if you’re here, drop a comment about what you like to see on author’s blogs. I’m all ears (and feeling more and more comfortable with calling myself an author).

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