Flight Risk releases next week (EIGHT DAYS! WEEE) and I am so, so very excited. Callie and Trevor are one of my favorite couples I’ve ever written.

To avoid confusion between Flight Risk (set on a small private antique airport in Iowa) and Seven-Night Stand (set on a small private modern airport in Kansas) I created a handy dandy Venn Diagram with some similarities and differences highlighted.

Even though the settings are similar, the books are quite different. From the tropes to the people to the role of the airport, these are two VERY different books. Like quick and sexy? Seven-Night Stand is your book. Prefer darker longer reads? Flight Risk is your man.

And if you like all of the above, by all means check out both!

(Seven Night Stand) (Flight Risk)

Seven-Night Stand versus Flight Risk

Who doesn’t love a good Venn Diagram?

Lastly, if you’re interested in a quick look at what Flight Risk is all about:


Next week I’ll be back on Tuesday with lots and lots of Release Day goodness!

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